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The Grand Multicultural Hub

A Multicultural Hub of grassroots communities will be hosted in the Arts Wing of Swansea Grand Theatre.

The GRAND Multicultural HUB is the first of its kind in Wales and a partnership between Race Council Cymru and Swansea Council, we warmly welcome all communities and artists across Wales to find out more about the new opportunities here.

The aim is to develop a diverse contemporary arts programme, to host cultural events, to run a series of community activities and skills programmes, to host the communities' support services, develop an ethnic food cafĂ© and catering support to activities and to build a collective of expertise in a diverse creative environment. 

The GRAND HUB will also promote community cohesion and shared cultural understanding, as well as providing clear lines of communication and better understanding between grassroots communities and service providers, who will also run support services onsite.

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