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Grand Ambition

A Grand Ambition for Swansea.

Group in theatre seats

Grand Ambition is a new and exciting creative collective based at Swansea Grand Theatre focusing on a new perspective to capture the arts through the Swansea lens. It's a collaboration with Swansea Council and Swansea based professional artists - Richard Mylan, Steve Balsamo, Michelle McTernan and Christian Patterson.

We asked ourselves the question: Why isn't the premier theatre in our city a world class producing house? Swansea has such a wealth of talent, an incredibly rich cultural heritage, so why then do so many artists and creatives go elsewhere for work?

The last two years have been difficult for everyone especially within our industry. The pandemic has hit venues and fellow freelancers very hard, so now more than ever there is a greater need to encourage, support and connect the arts to our home city. Swansea is changing and it's cultural landscape is changing with it. We want to be a part of that change. It's a very exciting time...time to regenerate and reimagine.

Everything that Grand Ambition produces will be through the Swansea lens. We will focus on its cultural and diverse communities and champion the unheard voices of its people as well as nurture and support established and emerging artists. We want to work with local freelancers and organisations that are passionate about celebrating our city's history as well as carving out an exciting and ambitious future.

Richard Mylan - Actor, writer, tutor, director

Michelle McTernan - Actor, director, writer, drama practitioner

Steve Balsamo - Singer, songwriter, producer, artist, tutor, actor

And Freelancer

Christian Patterson - Actor, director, writer, singer, tutor

Supported by - Rachel O'Riordan - Artistic Director, Lyric Theatre Hammersmith, Gary Owen - Writer, Julia Barry - Executive Director, Sherman Theatre Cardiff.

Richard Mylan

"Before the Grand was converted into the Grand we see today...
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Michelle McTernan

"My parents took me to a production of 'Godspell'...
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Steve Balsamo

"On a cold late December morning in '83, I found a...
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Christian Patterson

"I suppose my first memory of actually seeing the...
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